About Us

We support and empower young people through inclusive community development and civic engagement.

Triola Aina Foundation is a Nigerian based youth-led non-governmental organization that is passionate about youth leadership development and sustainable development in rural communities.

We are passionate about harnessing youth potential for resilience and sustainable development. We have reached approximately 100 youths and over 450 children. In the past three years, we have engaged children and young adults through physical and online platforms to build human capital through skill acquisition and capacity development initiatives

Founder’s Note

We at Triola Aina Foundation believe that the youths are not just the leaders of tomorrow. They are today’s partners in nation-building and national development through civic engagement and community development

Fola Aina
Founder, Triola Aina Foundation
Our Mission

Leadership and Mentorship programs and outreaches to schools.

Skills acquisition and vocational training in rural communities.

Fostering access to quality education through conducive learning environments

Our Vision

Promote Youth development through Leadership training.

Promote skills acquisition, through technical and vocational trainings.

Promote access to quality education at all levels, including; science, technology, engineering and math (STEM)

The Team

Fola Aina

Oluwabusola Fadipe

Tony Akagwu

Gift Ejeh Ojima

Taopheek Babayeju

Board of Trustees

Alex Izinyon II

Barrister Dayo Apata

Fola Aina

Grace Paul

Advisory Council Members

Tunde Omotoye

Pioneer Chairman

Jake Effoduh


Dr. Adeola Olubamiji


Shona Olalere


Dr. Dipo Awojide


Queen Nwokonneya


Hamzat Lawal


Samson Itodo


Henry Orji